Get behind the wheel with Forza Motorsport 7!!!


Have you ever wanted to drive a race car around a race track but can afford the car to do it? Or wanted to drive your dream car modded to you specific style?, then look no farther than Forza Motorsport 7 developed by Turn 10 Studios for the Xbox One and Windows 10 and is also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass. Today I will be reviewing the game in terms of features, graphics, and the single player mode. I will also be giving out how best to play this game when your busy. So players start your engines and enjoy this high octane game review with me!


While it is a bit of an older game that was released back in October of 2017, it still stands up as a great game if you have a love for racing games or cars in general. Forza Motorsport 7 features over 700 cars from various makes and models that give you a chance to buy and drive your favorite cars abet in video game form. If your like me who has a love for cars that. There are also 32 tracks for you to let loose on that take you to various locations around the world ranging from the USA all the way to Dubai keep in mind that some of the tracks are fictional tracks but they look and feel as if they could be real ones tracks.

How best to play when busy


Intro to the blog.

Welcome players to my gamer blog where I plan to post reviews on video games that are both old and new from all type of systems ranging from console to mobile from my perspective of a busy dad who loves to play video games as a way to distress. As a father of an infant son and a full-time preschool teacher I play games when I get the chance, it isn’t very often but enough that I get my fix of video games and to see what they truly get to offer. I will be able to check out games that will showcase everything that the game has to offer. As a casual gamer, who doesn’t exactly prefer to play the multiplayer mode of games so I will mostly be reviewing the campaign/story mode of games rather the multiplayer mode but will touch upon them occasionally. I prefer casual gaming compared to competitive gaming because I grew when games were mostly single player and story driven which I greatly appreciated more than playing multiplayer. My intentions for this blog is to show how even though you are busy and have responsibilities in life there is still a way to play video games and get the most out of the game even if you only play for an hour. I’ll be showing how I get the most out of each game I review along with the pros and cons. So players gear up and look forward to my first review coming this week!

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